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The Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), part of the EarthScope Program that is funded by the National Science Foundation, studies the three-dimensional strain field resulting from active plate boundary deformation across the Western United States.

From a science perspective the PBO component of EarthScope is a geodetic observatory designed to study the three-dimensional strain field resulting from deformation across the active boundary zone between the Pacific and North American plates in the western United States. The observatory consists of arrays of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and Strainmeters which will be used to deduce the strain field on timescales of days to decades and geologic and paleoseismic investigations to examine the strain field over longer time scales.

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Photo:Drilling VA01 in response to Mineral VA 5.8M Earthquake
Broadband Geodetic and Seismological Response to the Mineral, VA Earthquake
Dec 12, 2011
Photo:High-rate data recorded at PBO borehole B076  following the March 11, 2011, M9 Tohoku  earthquake. The upper plot shows the 1-sps strain (black) and the predicted earth tide and ocean load signal (red).
High Rate Strain and Tilt Data Products
Nov 14, 2011
Photo:Western U.S. velocity field from the PBO network, 2005-2011
New PBO GPS Velocity Field
Aug 30, 2011
Photo:Figure 1:  Map of the Plate Boundary Pacific Northwest Strainmeter Network
PBO Strainmeters Record the 2011 ETS Cascadia Episodic tremor and Slip Event
Aug 22, 2011

Photo: AVN2 -  osageavn2bok2016

4Char: AVN2
Date: Sep 10, 2016
Photo: CN43 -  LaBlanquVENE2016

4Char: CN43
Region: COCO
Date: Aug 07, 2016
GPS: Photo Pending

4Char: RDMC
Region: COCO
Date: Jul 08, 2016
Photo: OLO1 -  OLO1_OLO_TZA2016

4Char: OLO1
Region: Tanzania
Date: Jun 16, 2016
Photo: OLO4 -  OLO4_OLO_TZA2016

4Char: OLO4
Region: Tanzania
Date: Jun 15, 2016

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